Macrocos moving logo by Anna Andreen


(Pronunciation: makro-kas)

Macrocos is a virtual universe where cosplayers can explore fandoms, learn to craft costumes, set goals for visiting conventions, and most importantly, connect with other cosplayers around the world.

The name Macrocos is derived from the words macrocosm and cosplay. 

Features include:

  • Virtual worlds dedicated to specific genres (eg Fantasy, Sci-fi, Anime)
  • Customizable newsfeed & avatar
  • Budgeting & planning tools for costumes & conventions
  • Access to tutorials, forums, and vendor lists
  • Virtual reality meet-ups with friends with voice or text communication
  • Ability to upload tutorials, photos, fan art and fan fiction
  • Available on desktop, tablet, or phone


Macrocos branding summary page with colors, logo variations, and fonts by Anna Andreen

*3D images borrowed from Rune Scape, Dragon Age, Brix FX, and Alex Pushilin for website mockups.