Overwatch: Become a Hero

Task: Integrate Overwatch into mainstream culture.

We pitched this work to the North America Overwatch team at Blizzard.

To introduce Overwatch to a broader audience and integrate it into mainstream culture, we proposed Loot Box - a pop-up shop that offers products created through partnerships between Overwatch characters and real brands. Product hauls would be sent to influencers for unboxing videos.

Overwatch's characters also partnered with influencers to create a YouTube channel where the characters created their own content, such as Zarya's workout routines and coding classes lead by Sombra.

All of this would be launched with the drop of Lúcio's album on Overwatch's birthday and his live silent disco collab Deadmau5.

Art Directors: YeJoon Hwang
Copywriters: Sarah Westerfield & Darren Tang
CD: Josh Paialii
CCO: Michael Kadin

Loot Crate pop-up shop. The products offered will be different in every location.